Melt Amor Eterno dupes

Bright and saturated colors, paired with a personal story and incredible packaging are the recipe for the success of the Melt Cosmetics Amor Eterno collection. Launched for Holiday 2019, this collection blew up and definitely caught my attention, specifically the two eyeshadow palettes. As I often do, before buying two (expensive) new palettes, I dove into my collection, and now I present you my Melt Amor Eterno dupes.

Melt Muerte palette dupes

The Melt Muerte palette is the more original and deeper of the two with beautiful rich blues and reds. This was the palette I was the most excited for, but honestly the one I’d use the most. I did create a few Melt Amor Eterno looks with my Muerte palette dupes and I have satisfied my yearning for blue and red for a while.

Melt Vida palette dupes

The Melt Vida palette is maybe the more understated of the two, but it contains some gorgeous bright greens and oranges that really remind me of Mexico.

What do you think of the dupes? Did you buy the collection?



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