Take out the trash #7: March – May 2016 empties

beauty empties skincare makeup review
I feel so accomplished when I finish lots of products, so this is quite a positive post for me. It also seems to go in waves of time when everything finishes at the same time which means I can go shopping again ad try new products.
Joyfulness aside, in this empties post as usual I go through the beauty products I have used intensively and finished in the last period and give mini reviews. You can find the earlier posts of this type here.

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Take out the trash #6: January/Feburary 2016 empties

january february 2016 skincare makeup empties

Two months have gone by since the last empties post, and I decided to write another one because the space on top of my mirror where I keep products I have used up looked quite crowded so here we go. If you’re new around here, in these Take out the trash posts I share with you the products I finished in the last period and give short reviews. You can find a lot of products repeat themselves over the months and then you can really tell they’re Good! Let’s see what I finished in January and February 2016.

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Take out the trash #5: fall/winter 2015 empties

skincare empties
2015 is behind us and it is time for me to through out my empties from the past few months as well and get a clean start for the new year. Since the last empties post (here), I finished a lot of skincare products and went through my makeup collection to declutter, clean out old products that either dried out or I simply don’t use and pass them on. So grab a coffee ’cause this is going to be a long post with lots of empty products and mini-reviews of each one. I hope you enjoy the reading.
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