May 2016 Most Played and Favorites

may favorites makeup skincare lifestyle most played
May is over and I’m writing this post while the weather outside is the worst I’ve seen in a while with pouring rain and black skies. Sigh. Luckily most of May has been great and I have a lot of products to talk about!
As usual, this is a #teammostplayed post in which I show you the products I have been using all month, whether they’re favorites of not. To know more about this hashtag, go over to Goldenvi0let’s blog (here).
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My marble obsession


Hello, my name is Alice and I am obsessed with all things marble.

It all started back in October, when I turned my boring Ikea Expedit in a marble tabletop (read about it here). Since then I have been hoarding home ware, jewelry and all kind of marble bits and pieces. There are many gorgeous bits and pieces around but price points can be quite hefty so I went on a mission to feed my addiction with affordable pieces that still look nice and don’t break the bank.
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March 2016 Most Played and Favorites

march favorites beauty makeup
Welcome back to another monthly post on the Most Played and Favorite products of the month. Third one of the year in this format, started by Goldenvi0let and collected in the #teammostplayed.
March ahs been a weird month since it is my first one as unemployed. After getting my PhD diploma at the end of February I haven’t found a new exciting step in my career and have spent the month between interviews, home and the gym. This meant that I didn’t wear a lot of makeup and if I did it was all very subdued and work-appropriate. Let’s take a look at my most used products of the month.
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February 2016 Most Played and Favorites

february beauty favorites #teammostplayed
Second installment of the most played products of 2016. I started this new format last month (here) to change things up and be part of the #teammostplayed started by Goldenvi0let. This means you will see products I used constantly during the month, but they may not be strictly my favorites.
February was a crazy hectic month since I defended my PhD on the 25th and spent lots of time organizing, freaking out and hugging my family who drove all over here from Italy for the occasion. Looking back I realized there are a few products I used consistently and colors I leaned towards so let’s take a look.
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DIY Marble Table Top and Blog Photo Background

When I moved into the new house in February, I was all for that Pinterest look, white and pastel colors are all over my office/makeup room to make it look like my inspirations I had posted here. However, there’s only so much white on white I can handle and I felt that now was time for a change. Inspired by Vivianna Does Makeup’s post on her obsession with marble and an older post on, I decided to spice up my Ikea Expedit by turing it from off-white to marble. 

This little space has been the background for most of my blog photos, since it is straight across from the window and against the wall. I though that the ideal background would be a white one, but instead it just makes for over-exposure if the light is not right in the room and overall I just got bored of it, so it was time for a change. I went to my local DIY shop and picked up a roll of adhesive plastic foil with a marble print that looked reasonably realistic and was incredibly cheap (only 6€ here). The adhesive foil was incredibly easy to stick to the piece of furniture and is also intended to be easily removable, so there is no damage if I decide to change it in the future. All I had to do was measure and cut a stripe from the roll and gradually let it stick to the Expedit piece. Appeltje eitje, as they say here in The Netherlands.
I find that marble makes for a more interesting background for pictures and goes well with my new black marble dish from H&M. Maybe I got obsessed as well, I blame Vivianna Does Makeup. 
What do you think of the change? Do you like to DIY your spaces?
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L’Oreal Collection Exclusive La Vie en Rose: Pink Lipstick for Free a Girl

After the Collection Exclusive Nudes and Pure Reds, L’Oréal has released a new limited edition called La Vie en Rose. It is another collection of lipsticks and nail polishes associated with famous women of different skin and hair colors, meaning that there is a perfect pink shade for everyone out there. As I have loved and keep using many of the previous Exclusive lipsticks (you can find reviews and looks here, here and here), I was very excited to try the new line. To add to this, purchase of these lipsticks in The Netherlands in the month of October will support the Free a Girl organization, which fights to free young girls all over the world from forced prostitution and helping them towards a better life of their own choice. A great cause to promote in this pink October. But let’s take a look at the collection. There are 8 total shades but only four have been released in The Netherlands and I picked up two of them: Blake’s and J.Lo’s Soft Rose.

Blake’s Soft pink is a bright coral that stole my heart in the bullet but then fell short in application. There is no sign of the pigmented matte formula that characterized the Pure Red collection and that I loved so much. This lipstick goes on quite sheer and becomes streaky when I tried to build it up. Such a shame of this gorgeous color.

J.Lo’s pink has definitely a better formula and the color is a beautiful deep berry. To be honest I was hoping in a darker color just from looking at the tube, but I like this tone as well and it definitely something that wasn’t in my collection.
The other two available colors were Doutzend’s Soft Rose, a bright barbie pink and Julianne’s, a very light pink, both not very suitable for my skin tone so I didn’t pick them up, but if you’re interested, check out Vera Camilla’s swatches here.

The overall impression of the lipsticks is that they are quite sheer and creamy, with a satin finish and are very comfortable on the lips. I am disappointed by the pigmentation because I had high expectations but I am sure I will get a lot of use from J.Lo’s pink nonetheless.

October 11th is the International Day of the Girl Child and in collaboration with Free a Girl, L’Oréal has an initiative to raise awareness through the hashtag #laatjelippenspreken (let your lips speak). Post a selfie with your pink lips on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to show your support! I know I will for sure!

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Fall is here and the blog is back!

fall colors


Colder temperatures, cloudy and rainy days, yes Fall is here! After the first few days of absolute misery due to the fact that I had just come back from holidays in Greece, I dove into the new season with smokey eyes and dark lips, forgetting completely the corals, mints and such summery colors.
To say that I didn’t miss writing down here wouldn’t be true, but summer brought for me the beginning of my writing-the-phd-thesis period, locking myself at home in pijamas and not wearing much makeup at all. My life consisted mainly of sleeping-writing-eating-working out with the occasional night out very rarely. All these and a few more reasons brought me to give the blog a break.
But now we’re back! Makeup is back to being my favorite thing to do in the morning and I can’t wait to share with you guys some looks I’ve been thinking of and some products that have literaloly blown my mind lately!
I hope you’re as excited as I am for the new season and I’ll see you soon around here!
If in the meantime you want to stay in touch and nose around, I post daily on Instagram and Facebook a mixture of makeup, food and fitness, which are my big joys in life!
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Fresh Homemade Chicken Bruger with yogurt sauce

chicken burger homemade bbq avocado

In my effort to get in shape and eat clean I don’t want to sacrifice all my social life, and especially the spring and summer barbecues! These events can be terrible for those of us who need to keep our calories in check: sauces, bread, pasta salads, greasy burgers and the lot. So good but also so bad for you, sigh. My solution when hosting a barbecue is to always prepare a lot of healthy alternatives such as green salads, grilled vegetables, yogurt based sauces and chicken, a LOT of chicken. It is one of the leanest sources of protein and it is lovely to barbecue as is, just butterfly a chicken breast, season and slap on the barbecue, or to use to make healthy low fat chicken burgers.

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Journey to a better me #1: Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Jumpstart

Hey y’all, it’s been a long time. The last post went up 2 weeks ago, oh my, I have really slacked to update the blog, sigh. I went through kind of a rough patch mentally in which I have been feeling like a failure personally. I am a control-freak and I was at a point that I couldn’t control my emotions, my emotional eating and my nail biting. So I was feeling like a poo-poo and had to do something about it.
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