My transition to natural hair care – Intro

My transition to natural hair care

It all started on a windy Tuesday night when I decided to try my sample size Briogeo Don’t despair repair mask in the bath. I ended up with the softest, curliest hair I’ve ever had and decided to take the plunge and transition to natural hair care products. 

“Natural” hair care as I mean it, is what in Italy is referred to as “biological” hair care, which is based on naturally occurring ingredients and is therefore free of silicones, parabens and harsh surfactants. 

My hair

I have talked about my hair a lot at the beginning of the blog (here). I have long, thick, wavy hair, oily scalp and I have been dying it red for 8years. I have used henna in the past, but since I have had a lot of white hair popping up, I have been using professional hair dye for the last 3-4 years, specifically Joico Lumishine and since the end 2016 L’Oreal Majirouge. I do not use heat tools in my hair, except a blow dryer in winter. I maybe use a curling iron twice a year.

In May 2018 I had a balayage done for my wedding, as I needed more dimension in my braid. I definitely succeeded and the braid was gorgeous, but this treatment left my hair very fragile and damaged.

braided wedding hairstyl red wedding hair

A small mention to my hair’s texture. I never properly understood what my hair wants to do and what is its natural texture. In summer I always let it air dry and obtain some messy, quite frizzy, beachy waves, and I help them with leave-in conditioner and light hold spray (not salt sprays, those are evil). You can see my full summer routine in this video here. In winter, I value my neck health so I blow-dry my hair, starting upside down for volume at the roots, then with a brush and obtain pretty straight, quite frizzy hair.

Why transition to natural hair care

My reasons to try this route are the following:

  1. That Briogeo hair mask was amazing, it is natural, silicone free.
  2. My hair showed some pretty awesome curling capability without any product, and I wonder if that is its natural texture.
  3. I want to get rid of frizz
  4. I want to reduce oiliness of my scalp
  5. The products I am using now aren’t solving my hair problems

My plan to transition to natural hair care

  1. Finish all silicone-based products I own
  2. Start a slow transition by adding a silicone-free shampoo that is still not natural, to clarify the build-up of product I may (or may not) have on my hair
  3. Use only silicone-free conditioner, masks and styling products
  4. Add in natural products as the others finish
  5. Maybe start coloring my hair with henna again?

The problems I foresee:

  1. The red dye in my hair will fade much quicker without the high-tech specific products I have been using.
  2. I will not be able to repair the damage in my ends afterall and will just have to chop it all off. Natural products do not contain the right keratin structures that mimic hair keratin, therefore they are unable to repair the damaged hair.
  3. Henna will keep layering on itself and I will end up with darker hair


I am no hair expert, but just someone that likes to experiment. So this is my experiment. Since nothing is permanent, maybe I will learn something new and find products I love.

I am not demonizing regular hair care, silicones or any ingredient in particular. I do believe that you should invest in good, salon-grade products. If you do, you will get great protection, nourishing, repair and no build-up if you use good quality product. I saw it on my own hair when switching to Joico hair products.

To learn more about hair, hair products, dyes, ingredients, go read my friend Francesca’s posts here and here. She has worked for a professional brand, has a background in pharmaceutical sciences, and in general is a well informed blogger.

You can follow my transition to natural hair care on my Youtube channel as well, where I’m sharing my project panning challenge to finish my current hair care stash and the new products that I will be introducing in my routine.

See you there!



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