TAG: How long does your skincare routine take?

skincare routing tag
Every evening when I go to get my makeup off I have the feeling I’m starting a long journey finally reach my bed with a clean and pampered face. It honestly feels like it takes me a quarter to half an hour to finally be ready to go to sleep, so when I read one of Jess’s latest posts over at The Indigo Hours on her evening skincare routine and how it takes her only under eight minutes, I decided to try myself and I was surprised!
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Winter Drugstore Foundation Rotation for Combination/Oily Skin

winter foundation rotation combination oily skin
Happy Monday beauties! This winter I had quite a hard time finding a good foundation that would match my paling skin tone. This was mainly due to the fact that I had decided to stop self tanning and my skin was whiter than ever and of a difficult neutral undertone. This led me to trying many foundations to look for the perfect color and the perfect formula. Let’s see those that made the cut and have been on rotation in the last month.
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