Pumpkin Spice Everything – #FallInLoveTAG2 ep.4 – Tea and biscuits

pumpkin spice apple oats

Welcome back to the blog and another episode of the #FallInLoveTAG2 by Marta from Caffelatte for Breakfast. It’s November and the weather is changing for the worst, so this time we are talking about those rituals for a rainy Sunday afternoon in this episode called Tea & Biscuits.

I am a big tea lover and you saw my essential blankie in the first episode of this Fall tag here. However, one of the biggest discoveries in this fall season in the US is pumpkin spices! I picked up my first tub in September to make a classic pumpkin pie and have been using them almost everyday since! 

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Fresh Homemade Chicken Bruger with yogurt sauce

chicken burger homemade bbq avocado

In my effort to get in shape and eat clean I don’t want to sacrifice all my social life, and especially the spring and summer barbecues! These events can be terrible for those of us who need to keep our calories in check: sauces, bread, pasta salads, greasy burgers and the lot. So good but also so bad for you, sigh. My solution when hosting a barbecue is to always prepare a lot of healthy alternatives such as green salads, grilled vegetables, yogurt based sauces and chicken, a LOT of chicken. It is one of the leanest sources of protein and it is lovely to barbecue as is, just butterfly a chicken breast, season and slap on the barbecue, or to use to make healthy low fat chicken burgers.

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