Rediscovering the blogging world

Last summer I accepted a request that was for me more of a challenge: I made my first Youtube video. It started on request from some girls in a makeup group (Armocromia – Rossetto e Merletto) to do a tutorial on the makeup looks I was posting to help less expert girls to achieve the looks. Well since then Youtube has now become my main focus and I have just realized how I lost contact with blogging ever since.

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2014 Favorites: Fashion and Life

2014 lifestyle favorites
Oh guys this is such an exciting time for me! Last week we finally found the house we were looking for and we are moving next month!! We will move from a two room apartment to a three floor house with a garden! This means that I will finally get my own makeup room and walk in closet to furnish and decorate. I will finally have a space to blog and take pictures. Awesome! 
With this great news and the beginning of the last year of my PhD, I have been as busy as ever and quite distracted from blogging, but I think it’s ok, because everything is coming together in the other aspects of life and I am permanently in a happy jolly state. But let’s get in to today’s post! I want to show you all the non-beauty favorites of this past year which have made it a great and unforgettable!
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