My Top 5 Brow Products

top 5 brow products
Good morning beauties and happy Monday! Today we’re talking about a topic that is really close to my heart: brows. They have been all the rage these past year and still going strong all over instagram and the blogosphere. From ombre brows, to sculpted brows to natural brows, there’s something for every style, and here are my top 5 brow products to achieve your perfect brow.
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New Kiko Liquid Skin Foundation and Dark Circle Concealer first impressions

Happy Monday loves!
Everyone knows I’m a sucker for new releases, especially when they come from one of my favorite brands. Ever since I tried the Kiko Unlimited Foundation a few months ago, I have been impressed with the improvement in quality of the base products of the brand. So when they launched a new line of foundation and concealers, I purchased the new Kiko Liquid Skin Foundation and Dark Circle Concealer to try and test. I have been wearing these together for the past week and will be sharing my first impressions.

The new Kiko foundation comes is a sleek frosted glass bottle with a very convenient dropper. The formula is very liquid and lightweight, putting it in the same category as the L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint and the Maybelline Dream Wonder foundations. However, the dropper makes the whole difference in application because you can easily dose the amount of product you’re dispensing.
The Liquid Skin Foundation is said to give a second skin effect thanks to the active ingredients in the formulation: hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, Vitamin C and resveratrol are strong anti-oxidants that improve the texture and elasticity of the skin ad creatine smooths the skin and gives a silky finish. This base also comes with an SPF 15 which is always handy when going towards the sunnier and warmer seasons. There are 14 available shades with warm, cool and neutral undertones, so you’re sure you’re going to find a good match. I guessed mine online to be Warm Beige 30 and it is a perfect match!
Left: bare skin; right: with Kiko Liquid Skin Foundation in WB30
My experience:
I find that the best way to apply this foundation is to use one or two drops at a time per section of the face and work them in with my hands. The formula is too liquid to be used with a brush because you would end up with stripes. As you can see in the before and after pictures, the Liquid skin does a good job in uniforming the complexion and the coverage is light, giving you a real second skin effect. As you can see the breakouts on my chin and forehead are still visible but the overall look is smoother and more uniform. I definitely see this as a summer / good weather foundation because it is very lightweight and you cannot feel it on your skin at all but you need to have good skin to begin with or this will not be enough.
Regarding lasting power, the Liquid Skin foundation lasted around 4 hours on my combination skin feeling and looking fresh, then as my natural oils came up it broke down quite quickly in my t-zone so I’d say it is not the most long lasting I have tried, but a great option for an afternoon out shopping or with friends.
With Kiko Liquid Skin Foundation in WB30 and Dark Circe Concealer in 4 Cream
To increase coverage is specific spots I used the new Kiko Dark Circle Concealer under the eyes, around the nose and on the breakouts on chin and forehead. This little guy comes in a cute black packaging with a pump. First thing to be careful about is actually the pump itself because it erogates a lot of product, it actually reminded me of the MAC Pro Longwear’s overly generous pump. The formula is fluid and lightweight and easy to blend. There is a wide range of colors available and a handy table that matches your concealer to your foundation shade so that ordering online is quite easy. As you can see in the photo, the concealer does a great job at brightening but I wish it gave higher coverage. I am used to my Maybelline Fit Me and I don’t think that this is enough for my dark circles or other imperfections.
To sum it up, the Kiko Liqiud Skin Foundation and Dark Circle Concealer are nice lightweight and light coverage options, but for the price, 18.90€ for the foundation and 8.90€ for the concealer, I would probably choose for other similar products on the market such as the L’Oreal Nude Magique foundation and Maybelline Fit Me concealer. 
If you want to try these or other Kiko products (check out some previous posts to see my favorite), until tomorrow you can have 20% off your order with the code 4ALLWOMEN in occasion of the International Women’s Day.
Are your going to try these out or do you prefer fuller coverage?
Alice's Beauty Madness
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Thank God it’s Friday #1: Blue and gold smokey eye

blue gold smokey eye new year's makeup
Happy Friday beauties!! In December I grabbed a few gorgeous shadows from Nabla Cosmetics among which an incredible shimmery blue called Eternity that is absolutely stunning. Admittedly it’s not an everyday color to wear for work, but I find it an incredible pop and makes for a very intense smokey eye for a night out.
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A KIKO haul

Ah, if there’s one thing that works on me are emails with discount codes, so when Kiko’s Halloween discount came in, together with discounted shipping, just around my birthday last month, I couldn’t help myself and ordered a few goodies. 

I’m a big fan of liquid liners so I picked up three of the Kiko Super colour eyeliners in 104 Dark Slate Green, 107 Blue Majorelle and 110 Pearly Regal Purple. I see myself using theses a lot, can’t wait! More on the same vibe, I got the Color Kajal in 104 Red, which is more of an orange to be honest, kind of disappointed in that, I was looking forward to getting a red pencil, but I’m degressing. From the Daring Game collection I then added the Mistery Smokey Eye Pencil in 6 Powerful Burgundy to my stash. I just love the color and will be the perfect smokey eye base.
Now the next buy was enabled by a british beauty blogger I follow, don’t remember excatly whether it was Lily Pebbles or Anna of VDM. She compared the Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil to the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and since I’m slightly obsessed with brows, I though it was a great product to try. It is a very very thin pencil with a small comb on the other side and comes with its own sharpener because it won’t fit in any for your normal sharpeners. I got the shade 03 Auburn and Redheads and I’ll let you know what my thoughts are, I’m very curious. 
Last makeup bits are three Nail Lacquers in the shades 322 Caffe Latte, 370 Hazelnut and 324 Dark Chocolate. Not much to say here, I love Kiko’s nail polishes, they’re very affordable and I didn’t have any brown toned nail polishes so I got myself both warm and more cool toned ones.
Since a few skincare bits were 50% off, I also got myself the Winter Sunscreen SPF 30 which is quite a smart contraption. The cream comes in a tube and in the cap you have a small balm for lips and eye area. Brilliant and perfect for my ski holidays in January!
So that was all I ordered from, shipping was only 3€ and it only took a bit over a week to arrive. Lovely service.
I hope you enjoyed the haul! What are your favorite Kiko products?
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The Spanish Beauty Haul: Kiko, Sephora and Inglot

kiko beauty haul spain

Happy Monday beauties! In my giveaway (which is still running for a few days here) I asked you what you wanted to see more of on the blog and lots of you said hauls! So here’s the damage I did while in Madrid for a work trip. Some of my favorite makeup brands are not sold in The Netherlands and I take advantage every time I can to visit the shops and pick up some goodies. 

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KiKo Makeup Milan Daring Game Limited Edition

kiko milano daring game limited edition
Keeping on the theme of my favorite drugstore brands, today we’re talking about Kiko Makeup Milano. Every time I visit a country that hosts their shops, I cannot avoid entering and treating myself with some goodies! My favorite thing is to check out their new Limited Editions, which they switch every 3-4 months. For Fall and Winter 2014 Kiko’s Daring Game collection brings lots of sophisticated, sleek looking products in deep and metallic shades to the shops. I couldn’t resist! I picked up a few products and here’s my thoughts!
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Italian summer haul part 2: KIKO Cosmetics Limited Editions

Good morning beauties!!!
Another post to show you new pretty things I got in Italy. Kiko Cosmetics is one of my favorite affordable brands with great products so every time I can I pop into one of their shops I cannot pass the opportunity!! This time I was in Italy at the right time and all their latest limited editions were all in discount from 30% to 50% so a lot of them happened to finish in my basket. Let me show you what I got!

From the Boulevard Rock limited edition I picked up the Street Fashion Eyeshadow palette in 03 Grounge Couture (here) and the Rock Attraction Bronzer in 02 Loud Tan (here). I previously reviewed another eyeshadow palette from this line here and had loved it, so this one was a must for me with the beautiful blues, copper and shimmery cream. They swatch beautifully as you can see below but you really need a white base to make them look as good on the eye. Still drop dead gorgeous colors!!! The bronzer is also one of a kind with a very pretty sheen that is subtle and gives the skin a beautiful glow. The only thing is that for me it isn’t pigmented enough and too cool toned, so I will use it in the colder months as contour I think.

Swatches of the Street Fashion Eyeshadow palette in 03 Grounge Couture (shimmery cream, copper, matte aqua/mint, satin petrol blue and dark dark blue) and of the Rock Attraction bronzer on 02 Loud Tan
Then I picked up two more of the beautiful Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners in 01 Golden Topaz and 06 Sugar Brown. These are truely waterproof and I already own the turquoise one which I love! Had to pick up a few more colors. For the sake of getting ready in a decent time in the morning, I picked up the Kiko Smoky Look Eyeshadow pencil in 02, it is a gorgeous rose gold/corally color, comes with a smudger and once it sets, it doesn’t move! I can’t find it online anymore so I guess they’re discontinued, if so it’s a pity!
For lips I only got the Rock Idol Lipstick in 01 and I totally got the wrong shade! There were two available, of which one a pretty coral, but I failed and picked up this one instead..sigh. It is a pretty nude that will work on fair skin but on me is definitely too light..sigh again. I do like the formula though, it is creamy and hydrating and very comfortable to wear. Too bad. Finally for cheeks I got the Cheeky Color Creamy Blush in 02 Coral Rose (here), a cream blush in the most gorgeous bright coral. They go on and blend easy on the cheeks. Since on me cream products don’t last very long, I use it as a base for powder blushes and am loving it!
Swatches: 1,2-Tropical Waterproof Eyeliner in Golden Topaz and Brown Sugar, 3-Smoky Look Eyeshadow in 02, 4-Rock Idol lipstick 01, 5-Cheeky Color Creamy Blush 02

Kiko nail polish swatches

Last but not least I got stuck at the nail polish display and couldn’t decide what shade of peachy coral to get, so I got a full range of corals: 488 Pearly Golden Camellia , 358 Peach Rose and 359 Light Peach (here). The quality of Kiko nail polishes is amazing and for 2.50 euros you cannot got wrong! Love them!

So here is my madness at Kiko, which was a great bargain, I think it was all only 40 euros.
Do you know Kiko Cosmetics? What are your favorite products from them?

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