My Nail Care Routine

nail care routine

I believe your hands are a huge part of the first impression you make on someone. Therefore I find taking good care of them and of my nails and important part of my daily beauty chores. In this post I want to share with you the nail care routine that has worked great for me in the past months. 

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Confessions of a Nail Biter: how to stop biting your nails

Hi, my name is Alice and I am a nail biter. I just had a relapse recently and want to take you with me in my journey to recovering my long and healthy nails.

I used to bite my nails compulsively all through high school. I remember my best friend trying to make me stop by calling me out every time I was going at it without even realizing. My parents were doing the same at home, to the point that I would fight with my dad because he wouldn’t shut up about it. At the age of 18, during the last year of high school, I met my first boyfriend and within a few months of dating him I had stopped biting my nails and stopped smoking. I still do not know what was really the cause of this change because it had never been a conscious choice of biting in the first place. In any case, I haven’t been biting my nails for almost ten years until a few weeks ago.

It started off with peeling off my nail polish and it escalated to full on nail biting during my Dutch class. I was mortified but couldn’t stop. The irregularity of the nails bothered me and while trying to fix it, I was just ripping more nail off. 

Since my will power wasn’t working, I decided to try the Kiko Stop Biting Bitter Taste Nail Lacquer. This is a “strengthening nail polish with a bitter (really horrible) taste that will help fight the nail biting habit”. This polish tastes SOOOOO unbelievably bad that I haven’t even been going close to my nails in the past few days. Even worst, I cannot lick my fingers after eating some delicious food. Another drawback is that this is not a very good base coat for other nail polishes. On the contrary, any colored polish i put on top of it will peel off within the first two days, so I am punished with a few weeks of natural nails until I can revert to my standard base coats.
So I guess the bitter taste is working for now and I am looking forward to growing out my nails again and showing you all the gorgeous new pastel nail polishes I bought for spring!
Did you ever bite your nails? If yes, how did you get out of it? I would love some suggestions that don’t taste this bad!
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Sephora Formula X The System: review and 7 day trial

Sephora Formula X The System
Good morning beauties!

Finally back to blogging after two crazy weeks! Work is ridiculous right now and the weekends are getting more and more busy but that’s the beauty of a full life! In my holidays in Italy at the end of July I went to Sephora and ended up picking up only one thing, the Sephora Formula X The System. I heard so much about this line of nail polish and of how amazing it is that I couldn’t help myself.

Sephora Formula X The System: Nail Cleanser, Base Coat and Top Coat
The Formula X line comes with a wide variety of colors and finishes, but since my nail polish drawer is overflowing, I decided to restrain myself to the 3 step System. This consists of Cleansing, Priming and Shine steps.
After removing previous nail polish and filing my nails down as usual, I swept my nails with the Cleanser solution. This is a mixture of ethyl acetate and isopropyl alcohol, which are two key ingredients in your everyday nail polish remover, but applied with a brush allow you to clean your nail more precisely. This step will make sure there is no grease on the nail bed that can prevent proper adhesion of the base coat. The next step is to prime with the base coat which has a nice easy to apply thin consistency. Two coats of color later comes the top coat, a thick gel-like formula that protects your manicure and give long lasting shine.
Sephora Formula X The System 7 day trial
To be honest I was blown away by this combo! My nails were perfect for at least 5 days and really needed to be re-done only after the seventh day. Even then, there were only a few chips on the tip of the nails of my thumb and middle finger.  
A really great combination for those weeks when you don’t have time to do your nails during the week. I definitely recommend the set. You can find it at Sephora for 29,90€.
What is your go-to system to have a long lasting manicure?
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Nail Polish: the summer round up

kiko rimmel barry m essence
Hello beauties!
We are blessed with some sun today and it’s perfect to bring to you a round up of my favorite nail polishes for summer. The general trend for me has been peach, coral and mint, I do have a bit of an obsession with these colors.

Peaches: Models Own Beach Bag, Kiko 358 Peach Rose and 359 Light Peach
The peaches:
First off the Models Own Beach Bag (7€ here) from the Polish for Tans collection. Gorgeous neon peach color, really makes your skin look more tan, it’s on my nails right now. Then for something a bit more wearable I have been loving two polishes from Kiko: 358 Peach Rose and 359 Light Peach (here). I was in the store and I couldn’t decide which one to go for, but for 2.50€ I decided to get them both and wear them together using one of the two as a subtle accent.
Essence Colour & Go Wanna be your sunshine, Kiko 488 Golden Camellia and Rimmel 60 Seconds Coralicious
The yellow and the corals:
I went a bit crazy with the Essence Colour & Go 37 Wanna Be Your Sunshine (1.70€ at Kruidvat or your drugstore), it is a very bright shimmery yellow and it’s so much fun to wear! In a similar note is also the Kiko 488 Golden Camellia (2.50€ here) which is a beautiful fuchsia-coral with golden shimmer. Finally the Rimmel 60 seconds in Coralicious (3.99€ at the drugstore) is the one and only color that was on my toe nails this summer. 
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Guava, Kiko 389 Mint Milk and Essence Colour & Go That’s What I Mint!
The teal and mints:
Last my favorite colors of the season: teal and mint. The teal in my life is Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Guava (5.70€ here), a new addition to my collection at the end of summer, looks fresh and will gradually bring me to fall. Then here come my absolute favorite, the Kiko 389 Mint Milk (2.50 here). This is the one nail polish I get complimented on the street for, I am obsessed!! It is a very bright neon color, so when I want a more subtle touch of mint I use the Essence Colour & Go That’s What I Mint! (1.70€ at the drugstore). Inexpensive, easy to use and a gorgeous pastel!
So here are the colors that made it on my nails the most this summer. 
What are you favorites?
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