Natasha Denona Bronze palette dupes

The Natasha Denona Bronze palette was one of the hottest (pun intended) makeup releases of 2020. The combination of a warm color story, midi format and €65 price tag for Natasha Denona quality, is a recipe for success. I resisted at launch, making myself a “duping the vibes” palette in this video, but ended up buying the palette in September. So now I am coming throught with my Natasha Denona Bronze palette dupes, with comparisons to the palette itself.

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Anti Haul #1 – Makeup I’m not gonna buy Holiday 2016

anti haul holiday 2016 makeup palettes

On this blog we talk about buying makeup, wanting makeup, and that’s not so good for our wallets, mine or yours. So for a change I wanted to share an Anti Haul, where I explain what I am NOT gonna buy among the latest releases and why. This is an original idea by the amazing Kimberly Clark on Youtube, she is such a fun character to watch, I really recommend you to check her out!

DISCLAIMER: The Anti Haul is supposed to be a fun post, not bashing any brands or products, but just to have a laugh on the latest releases, and mainly a way to convince myself (and hopefully you) to save your money and not buy this makeup.

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