Makeup Geek neutral eyeshadow swatches

After sharing all the information and details about the recent Makeup Geek rebrand in the introduction post, here I compared old and new rebranded shades. You can watch the full review on my Youtube channel, where I talk you through each shade and how it performs on the eye too. In this post I will show you the Makeup Geek neutral eyeshadow swatches and rebrand comparisons. Don’t forget to use the affiliate code ALICESBEAUTYMADNESS to get 10% off your order on

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Lethal Cosmetics Awakening collection swatches

lethal cosmetics awakening collection swatches

Lethal Cosmetics Awakening collection is their latest release for Spring/Summer 2019. I have been a fan of the brand since my first order with them in 2018, and you can read my review of their shadows and more information on the brand in this article here. With the new release I bought another 14 shades and will present here Lethal Cosmetics Awakening eyeshadow swatches as well as comparisons with other shades in their lineup.

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